Jean Marc La Roque
Born in Cherbourg, a seaport in Normandy in North West France.

For 34 years, I have lived in Melbourne, Australia. I have worked as a professional photographer for the last 30 years.

Award winning photographer, specialising in large scale industrial, commercial, shipping, architecture and executive photography. Extensive experience across Asia-Pacific region.

My work involves:

  • landscapes with a graphic, almost abstract quality
  • large scale industrial elements within these landscapes, and
  • studies of industrial structures.

My aim is to express the feeling of the natural world, to show the visual harmony that can exist between human and natural components and to find beauty in industrial subjects. Occasionally, I include a fragile, human presence to emphasise scale and power.

Accustomed to working in physically challenging locations including heights and remote areas.

He is the recipient of numerous awards and international exhibitions include New York, Paris, Florence, Milan and Melbourne.

Has worked within many different cultures in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.